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Be Your Own Personal Trainer

R195.00 incl. VAT

Categories: Backlist, General
Author: Eddie Lambert
Dimensions: 260 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9781920479084
Format: Flexi-binding
Pages: 176

Working out in the gym has become part of a healthier lifestyle followed by many people.
How do you ensure that you condition every part of your body to avoid the risk of injury?
How to you ensure that you follow a gym programme that will enhance your running, cycling or other fitness
or leisure pursuits?
How to you achieve an all-over toned body and ensure that you do specific exercises correctly so that they
will be effective?
How do you avoid the boredom that so often sets in after a few weeks of following the same routine?

This book gives you all the advantages of having your own personal trainer without the challenges of scheduling, possible personality clashes and being tied to a specific gym or venue. It demonstrates more than 250 graded exercises using body weight and widely accessible basic equipment (bosu ball, Swiss ball, medicine ball, theraband, steps, dumbbells, skipping rope), highlighting the muscle groups used for every exercise, explaining pitfalls and injury risks and then combines these in 26 user-friendly programmes. Individual exercises in the programmes are interchangeable, giving you even wider scope, and many of the exercises have interesting variations, as well as more difficult levels for progression. Special training programmes for pregnancy have also been included.

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