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Pregnancy Sense

R185.00 incl. VAT

Categories: New Release, Parenting
Authors: Megan Faure, Jacky Searl, Heather Wood
Dimensions: 244 x 170 mm
ISBN: 9781928201878
Format: Softcover
Pages: 176

“If you are pregnant, or planning to be, this is a book that belongs on your shelf or next to your bed along with Baby Sense and Sleep Sense.” Tina Otte, author, specialist editor Your Pregnancy magazine.

Pregnancy is a journey like no other. It is the start of a new human life. It is also the birth of a mother who, over nine months, changes in every possible way – physically, emotionally and socially.

Your nutrition, wellbeing and emotions during this wonderful time play a large role in defining the rest of your baby’s life. The experience must also be safe and containing for you to provide your baby with the ultimate start and shape his potential.

Birth – your baby’s entry into our world – is a profoundly significant moment, one you don’t get to repeat. Being empowered with knowledge, understanding your choices and being active in the process will make a huge difference. Ultimately it does not matter how your baby is born; what matters is how you experience it and that it is safe.

Reading Pregnancy Sense will reduce the anxiety that may stem from the unknown and help you make your choices with insight and flexibility.
• Preparing for pregnancy
• Birth choices
• Your growing baby week by week
• Your changing body week by week
• A guide to birth
• Premature birth
• Your newborn’s first days and weeks.

“This is such a gently informative book about such a vital aspect of many women’s lives. Well done!” Kate Christie, midwife

“I couldn’t have found this book at a more fitting time. As a pregnant reader, I found it to be thorough, user-friendly and real. Most of all, it eased so many of my concerns and left me with the feeling that I will be just fine when baby arrives – exactly what every mom-to-be needs.” Lisa Raleigh, media personality and wellness expert

“It was wonderful to read this. It is so far from my daily life where, to be honest, we are just trying to get moms and babies to survive, but so refreshing to remember the whole spectrum of this beautiful, amazing thing called pregnancy and birth.” Kate Christie, Midwife

“There is no reason today, for a woman to enter her pregnancy and birth experience in a fearful and ignorant state of mind. There is a wealth of information available to prospective mothers and this book will make sure you are well informed and equipped. The authors have succeeded in covering everything you need to know as you move through the ‘child bearing’ stage of your life, looking at things from the developing baby’s perspective as well as the mother’s perspective. The information and advice contained in this book will provide you with information about many of the procedures and options that are available to you today and will go a long way to enhancing your own pregnancy and birth experience.” Tina Otte, author, specialist editor of Your Pregnancy magazine

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